I'm Alex.

I'm an intuitive leadership coach for female entrepreneurs. I mentor women towards expansion in spirit, impact, relationships and wealth. 

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- the version of you who knows what she wants and how to get it. 

My clients are women who feel a soul mission to impact the world and lead others in transformation. 

They desire more. And they’re courageous enough to do the inner work to create it.

They’re the visionaries, healers and badass goddesses guiding our world through it’s next evolution. Through their work, they seek to elevate the vibration of humanity.


"Working with Alex is more magical than I ever could've expected. She has awoken me into trusting my own intuition in who I am as a woman, mother, leader, coach and intuitive. She showed me SO much compassion and love and helped me push through my comfort zone to heal the energetic blocks that kept me stuck. I am so thankful for Alex. If you are a woman looking to create big shifts in her life or business, allow the universe to lead you to Alex. "

Amy Allchurch
Energetic Business Strategist & Founder of the Babe Squad

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