Hey, I'm Alex!

I'm a transformational life coach and expert in healing and emotional health. 

Clients seek me out when they're ready to do "the work".

My unique energetic coaching style blends shadow work and trauma integration with human design and the gene keys system, to create a deeply transformational container where my clients experience powerful + rapid growth and healing. 

My clients often feel a soul mission to impact the world and lead others in transformation. 

They desire to get to the root of their shadow patterns quickly and use them to strengthen their gifts, purpose and self-expression. 

They’re the visionaries, healers and badass goddesses guiding our world through it’s next evolution. And I feel grateful I get to support them!


Grab my favourite guided meditation FREE

We all have a higher self. And this powerful guided meditation puts your directly in conversation with yours. Infused with binaural beats + healing sounds, this guided journey will help you access your inner truth and power. It's my gift to you! 

"Working with Alex is more magical than I ever could've expected. She has awoken me into trusting my own intuition in who I am as a woman, mother, leader, coach and intuitive. She showed me SO much compassion and love and helped me push through my comfort zone to heal the energetic blocks that kept me stuck. I am so thankful for Alex. If you are a woman looking to create big shifts in her life or business, allow the universe to lead you to Alex. "

Amy Allchurch
Energetic Business Strategist & Founder of the Babe Squad

Listen to 'VIBES: the podcast'

These high-vibe conversations, raw stories +  truth bombs are the weekly dose of wisdom you need to elevate + expand your life and business. 


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