A B O U T 


I’m Alexandra Carruthers, an intuitive leadership coach for women, podcast host and soon-to-be mama. I’m soooo grateful the universe has guided you to my little corner of the Internet!


I’m a spiritual intuitive.

It’s kind of like being psychic - but not the kind that will seance with your dead grandma (though that has happened before).


To put it simply: I just “know” things.


When spending time with someone I can feel super deeply into their fears, thoughts and beliefs - both conscious + subconscious. And this makes coaching + healing work my super power.

I’ve taken several trainings and certifications - you can creep them below - but coaching is an innate gift I’ve always had. Something I was intuitively doing long before I even knew this personal development realm existed.

My clients are women who feel a soul mission to impact the world and lead others. They’re not your average 9-5’ers. They desire more. And they’re courageous enough to do the inner work to create it.




They’re the visionaries, the healers and the badass goddesses guiding our world through it’s next evolution. Through their work, they seek to elevate the vibration of humanity.


Coaching with me is a deep, expansive and incredibly healing experience. And It’s soul work that I feel grateful every single day to do.


I’m a Canadian free-spirit from London, Ontario who feels #blessed to be married to my soul-mate, Dale. I learned his name from a friend’s fake ID (... long story) and we met 3 years later in the newsroom while both working as journalists. We’ve been in love for almost 7 years.


Together we’ve got 3 fur babies: Leo the golden retriever and our kitties Lola + Richard Parker. And a baby on the way! Our tiny human will be making their earth side arrival in August.


You can get to know me on a deeper level by hanging out with me on Instagram or by listening to VIBES: the podcast. I’m a pretty open book over there!


Just love,



Certifications & Trainings 

  • Certified Completion Process Practitioner personally trained by Teal Swan. 
  • Certified Executive Life & Business Coach - Erickson Coaching International
  • Shamanic Practitioner trained by Deb Carter
  • Certified in Reiki Level 1
  • Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Facilitator 
  • Bachelors of Journalism from Carleton University

Raise your vibes. Meet your higher self. 

Download this powerful guided meditation designed to connect you to the power and wisdom of your higher self - the version of you who knows what she wants and how to get it. 


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