Private Coaching

I’m Alex! 


And I coach high-performing female leaders.

Women who feel a sacred calling in their soul to master the game of life and to show others how to do the same.


My one-on-one clients are coaches, healers, creators, network marketers + makers who are using the power of entrepreneurship to live freely and change the world. 


With over 5 years experience coaching women 1:1, I am an expert at catalyzing human potential. 


I blend human design + gene keys work with next-level energetic strategy to help you make a quantum leap in your business and in the quality of your life. 


What you desire, is meant to be yours. 


You don’t receive a vision, without already possessing all you need to make it real. 


I help you activate your power, own your innate genius, bravely speak your truth and magnetize the resources you need to integrate that next-level vision and version of you


My clients have created highly successful businesses in multiple industries, integrated 5-figure months and designed lives that are filled with fun, freedom, adventure and love. 


My private client container is for you if... 

  • You feel 100% ready to expand through deep inner work 
  • You are 100% ready to invest in yourself and her business 
  • You are courageous enough to look at your own shadows and shift them with love 
  • You desire a mentor who will call you out on your patterns and hold you to a next-level standard 
  • You know in your soul you were born to lead and have a big mission in the world 
  • You are actively seeking an experienced mentor to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be ... and YOU are all in on doing what it takes to get there.



If you feel the call to begin this journey together click the link below to pay for your coaching consultation.

The consultation investment is $333 usd

Once payment has been received I’ll reach out within 48 hours (likely sooner!) to schedule a call time and DIVE IN!

On our call I will share with you the details of my private coaching package.

My current rate is $2222 USD / month.




"Working with Alex is more magical than I ever could've expected. She has awoken me into trusting my own intuition in who I am as a woman, mother, leader, coach and intuitive. She showed me SO much compassion and love and helped me push through my comfort zone to heal the energetic blocks that kept me stuck. I am so thankful for Alex. If you are a woman looking to create big shifts in her life or business, allow the universe to lead you to Alex. "

Amy Allchurch
Energetic Strategist + Founder of Align by Design

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