P R I V A T E 

My clients are women who feel a soul mission to impact the world and lead others in transformation.

They desire more. And they’re courageous enough to do the inner work to create it.

They’re the visionaries, healers and badass goddesses guiding our world through it’s next evolution.

Through their work, they seek to elevate the vibration on this planet.


They’re women who know their power, but want to deepen it.

Who understand that growing a business isn’t just about the hustle, it’s also about embodying your higher self.

They know in their soul they’re on the edge of a breakthrough - and are willing to do whatever it takes make it to the otherside.


I’m Alex, and I’m definitely not your typical business coach. I blend spirituality and deep healing work with strategy and leadership, to support women in stepping into the next-level business and life they desire.


I believe there’s a powerful reason female entrepreneurship is on the rise.

The world needs soft, open-hearted, empathic leaders to guide us in creating a more peaceful paradigm on the planet.


I know my soul calling is to lead these leaders.

To empower them to embody higher levels of purpose, clarity and courage, so they can elevate their impact and their income.

To support them in healing the emotional patterns that have been keeping them stuck, so they can claim the success that’s meant for them.


My coaching is expansive, integrative and deeply healing.

It’s uncomfortable at times, because transformation doesn’t happen inside our comfort zone.


And it’s for the woman who is all-in and fully committed to doing whatever it takes to claim the life she knows in her soul was meant for her.


If that’s you…


My 4 month Private Coaching package includes…

~ a weekly 60 min coaching call

~ unlimited text, FB Messenger + audio support between calls


This package is a premium 4-figure investment and is the highest level container of support I offer.


If you’re ready to initiate yourself into this next level opportunity, let’s get on a 1 hour consultation call.

Investment: $250 usd 

This isn’t your average consultation, it’s a powerful coaching call where we dive into all of the things. Through this conversation I’ll be able to get a solid sense of you, your business, your vision, where you’re out of alignment and why you’ve been keeping yourself small. If we both feel like working together is a good fit, I’ll invite you to work with me privately.


As soon as you make your payment, I’ll reach out via email to set up a time to book your consultation. You’ll step away from this conversation feeling empowered, excited and ready to take the next steps in your business.


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